Welcome to this website and thank you for even reading this far.


First of all, this webpage is was creatd as a homage to the hero Associate Professor Jeffrey Beall, whose blog has recently gone dark with little explanation as to why.  Professor Beall is best known for creating and maintaining the blog Scholarly Open Access, best known for The Beall’s List.  The Beall’s list is actually several separate lists of dodgy sources of scientific literature.  The various lists are as follows:


Standalone Journals


Hijacked Journals

Metric Companies


These lists focus on so-called “predatory publishing” where the idea of the scientific review process is poorly applied, if it is even applied at all.


The website and blog itself still exists, however all real content has been removed.  The majority of the content however, is still available on web caches that can still be accessed, although at this stage, it is looking like the lists will not be updated, at least by Professor Beall.  It also seems the original author is not forthcoming as to the entire reason of the removal of content.  While not knowing why may be frustrating for some, it is understandable that many people would be unhappy with someone publishing an online database that is basically saying “do not pay for the services of these companies due to their unethical business practices”.


It must be stressed that these lists are the work of Jeffrey Beall and the people who have supported his work along the way.  A massive amount of work went into the lists, and without a leader such as Professor Beall,  science would be far poorer as a result.


So please enjoy the lists and continue to reference them when decided which journal to publish your work in.